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Lack of comprehensive academic and behavior data to better understand the Student leads to a generic approach to instruction delivery. This necessitates most students needing supplemental support outside of school. However, in the absence of structured and in-depth student data and analytics, solving individual problems for each student is entirely dependent on access to a good Tutor.
Futor’s Intelligent Tutoring Agents plug this massive gap progressively capturing data around hundreds of parameters, and collectively, using this data to mine patterns and inform individual and group analytics. They use this data to provide personalized service in the form of the right content, assessments, revisions, recommendations and strategies on a daily basis.
This leads of better and transparent academic planning, resolution of weaknesses, and assurance of consistent growth, which in the absence of a structured and quantitative framework would be impossible to achieve.


Content Management System

Gives us the ability to seed different Courses, define Taxonomies, and attach diverse content types to Units – Videos, Documents, Text files. Provides us with the necessary technology to scale Content quickly.

Student Delivery Platform

Student is able to subscribe to Courses, take Tests, Revise, Analyze, and review Recommendations through the Platform. Responsive design allows student to access through PC, Tablet and Mobile.

Analytics Server

Main component for capturing data, mining, machine learning, that provides intelligence, to understand each student, as well as macro trends. Also serves the right data to different stakeholders for effective decisions.

Intelligent Tutoring Agents

Publishes the right recommendation or content (Set of questions, Revision, Tests, Videos, Expert Help, Recommendations) depending on Student’s individual or aggregated parameters served from the Analytics Server. Is also integrated to Email / SMS gateways for serving alerts and recommendations at the right time.

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